Multi-sectorial cooperation for improving position of victims of human trafficking

The coordinated engagement of all bodies and competent institutions is necessary if we want to achieve protection and recovery of victims of human trafficking and their sustainable reintegration free of further vulnerability to trafficking, is the message that members of the antitrafficking coordination teams in Bosnia and Herzegovina sent out after first day of TTX Exercise with IFS-EMMAUS. On 26. And 27.09.2022, IFS-EMMAUS will support 45 professionals of the Referral Mechanism in BiH, to improve their knowledge and skills for dealing with persons from risk groups, potential and identified victims of human trafficking in the support and assistance system. The…

Regional conference “The fight against labor trafficking in Europe: standards, reality and new action strategies”

MFS-EMMAUS took part in the regional conference "The fight against labor trafficking in Europe: standards, reality and new action strategies" held in Belgrade on September 20 and 21, 2022, within the framework of the joint program of the European Union and the Council of Europe Horizontal Facility for Western Balkans and Turkey. By raising awareness and increasing understanding of the scope and nature of human trafficking in the region and beyond, the challenges and strategies to combat this crime, and through a debate on challenges and approaches including examples of encouraging practices and practical solutions to overcome the obstacles, MFS-EMMAUS…

Local publication for call for proposals – 2nd round

Voice of CSOs in Fighting Trafficking in Human Beings                         EuropeAid/167126/DD/ACT/BA Contract No: 2020/421-676 International forum of Solidarity- Emmaus is seeking proposals to contribute to monitoring and collecting data for reporting on implementation of the legal framework and policies regarding provision of assistance to victims of THB, with focus on the rights of women victims of THB within the NRM. in Bosnia and Herzegovina with financial assistance from the European Commission Civil Society Facility and Media Programme for Bosnia and Herzegovina 2019 - Support to existing and newly established CSOs networks in various ares; Lot 8: Support to CSOs networks in…
Zlatko Ikonić