Cyberbullying is the term that is used when people use the internet to send nasty and upsetting messages to others. It can also be done by people using mobile phones, by sending messages and making nasty phone calls.


Grooming (preparation) usually begins communicating on the Internet where an adult falsely represents themself, and seeks to gain the trust of a child so it seems seriously interested in what child likes and dislikes.

Often, a person who has bad intentions towards children, or who wants to talk to them for their evil interests will look for young people who want to find friends, pretending to be another person with similar interests of similar age.


Refers to the exchange of nude photos and inappropriate text messages via cell phone, but also through the Internet.


Sextortion is a form of blackmail and threats with private photographs and / or information.

Most often these photos and information are in a possesion of a person who falsely presented themselves in order to find out more about you, and they might try to blackmail you later.


Address – every website on the Internet is assigned a unique recognizable address. Address is referred to as a URL (Uniform Resource Locator).

The connection – realized way for the exchange of information.

Google – one of the best services for automatic indexing and for search of the Web sites.

Network – two or more connected computers able to share data sources.

Server – the network, the server makes files available to client programs located on other computers when requested.

Spam – unwanted or irrelevant to recipients, e-mail message, sent to more random address of the network or the address of a thematic group.

Surfing – popular metaphor for term of spending time on the Internet.

Virus –  virtual evil. This is a program that can be independently reproduced and at the same time may, but need not do harmful acts. Can switch from computer to computer, over the Internet or other networks, infected floppy disk or CD.

Facebook – Facebook is one of the social networks or communications network. There are other networks such as My Space, Google Talk, Twitter …

Anti-Virus – A program that helps in the destruction of the virus you have on your computer.

Computer worms – computer worms are computer programs that replicate themselves. Unlike viruses, for their actions do not have to infect other programs. They slow down the operation of network, and can damage the data and reduce the security of your computer.

Of course, these are not all the possible terms that we have today in the Internet world, but only a small selection and the most important that can help if you are stuck somewhere!!!


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