Posting videos of you and your friends on the internet can be fun, but be careful!


Remember that every video you put on the internet can potentially stay there forever and anyone can have an access to see it, and that includes your parents, teacher, friends…

Also remember that if you post your video or video of your friends, you are allowing people to find out more information than you would normally like to share.

Consider whether the video identifies you, your school, or where you live or if it presents risk for your friends, before you publish it.


Web camera is a camera that is directly connected to the computer and transfers images in real time using a program for video calls.

Internet camera when not in use, should be covered because hackers can exploit in order to espionage. Hackers can access computers using certain programs, and may at any time and anywhere, observe what you are doing, without your knowledge and without any warning.

One way of solving this problem, is to cover web cam when not in use. So, protect a webcam on your computer as soon as possible, so you could peacefully dress without a doubt that you are being watched.

It is important to be very careful when it comes to webcams, and it is best not to use it without parents’ knowledge.


YouTube is very popular with children of all ages. You can watch videos without creating an account or (over 13s only) log in with a Google account to upload videos, comment and vote.

YouTube also allows you to flag, report and block videos, comments and accounts. To block or report a user, go to their channel, click About, click the flag icon and choose from the drop-down menu.

To report a video, click on More and select Report.

To report a comment on a video, hover over the comment, click the arrow in the top right corner and use the Report spam or abuse link.

Find out more here.


Report if someone disturbs you


Report inappropriate content